🕱 ·⠀—⠀A smile

Your greatest weapon is a smile
Your greatest weakness your heart



🕱 ·⠀—⠀biography

A strange tale


name ⁹⁹


⠀name:⠀ Gabriella Vuivaire
⠀age:⠀ 32
⠀pronoun(s):⠀ She/Her
⠀AKA:⠀ Elena
⠀Company:⠀ Apocrypha
⠀Job:⠀ Spy, Gardener, and Ninja

appearance ⁹⁹


⠀hair:⠀ Black with dyed highlights
⠀eyes:⠀ Yellow
⠀facial marking:⠀ Usually seen wearing a mask
⠀Make-up:⠀ Coloured lipstick and eyeshadow
⠀Height:⠀ 6'2''
⠀scars:⠀ Strangely unscarred

Her appearence is always carefully chosen, be it outrageous masks, careful makeup, silken dresses or armor.

personality ⁹⁹


Most honest when wearing a mask, moving to unheard rhythms, born of the forest, but tempered in the shadows.

  • Intelligent

  • Spiritual

  • Composed

  • Paranoid

  • Strange Morals

  • Self-Sacrificing


🕱 ·⠀—⠀associates

Precious as life


Alexois Jervaint Fiancé ⁹⁹

An Ishgardian Inquisitor turned Dark Knight, with a deep, well earned fear of dragons. The debate rages still if he is monster, or man, but either way; he alone has Gabriella's final loyalty.

Kyle Anderson Friend ⁹⁹

A loyal friend to the bone, this Warrior is a force of nature, and leader of a Vylbrand organization known as the Murder. Through trial after trial, a friendship stronger than any steel has been forged.

Camille Everardi Boss ⁹⁹

These two had a very rocky start, and Gabriella had threatened this woman repeatedly. Instead she paid off Gabriella's debt, sponsored her apprenticeship, and has earned her respect through many moons of strife.


🕱 ·⠀—⠀contact

Where to find



Hello! I love weaving, and am currently studying machining. I love RP and wish to do more!


contactinfo ⁹⁹

⠀name:⠀ Amanda
⠀template:⠀ Sweetheart
⠀discord:⠀ Gabriella#9311
⠀screenshots:⠀ Vicarlaw
⠀character name:⠀ Gabriella Vuivaire
⠀data-center/server:⠀ Crystal/Balmung
⠀mains:⠀ Gabriella, N'khilk Nuhn


🕱 ·⠀—⠀secrets



Illegalities ⁹⁹


Dangerous Secrets

⠀Poisons:⠀ Uses quite a few, and thus exposed
⠀Murder:⠀ If necessary
⠀Canniblism:⠀ In times of desperate need

  • A former member of the Sisters of Mercy, trained by a shinobi refugee in Mor Dhona, a frequent visitor to the Impolite Society. She knows laws because then she knows when to be circumspect, but 'spirits' hold the only laws she bows to.

Traits ⁹⁹


  • Hearer

  • Struggles to write

  • Difficulty using aether

  • Romantic

  • Adores reading

  • Loves to garden